Htaccess Redirect to HTTPS WWW domain

In this post I’ll show you how I did my configuration so that my WordPress redirects to https and www all my traffic. Redirect to https://www is done by placing a .htaccess file in your ‘html’ directory. Just create an empty text file and name it that way and place it in ht_docs or public_html/, … Read more

React Native Conditional Rendering

I will show you how I do conditional rendering in React Native. Create a new react native project if you don’t have one already. If so, you can use that because this example doesn’t require extra dependencies or settings. react-native init conditional Let’s create a common view in Android applications, the drawer toolbar UI pattern. … Read more

Java Static vs Dynamic Casting

Every time I needed to cast objects in Java I always thought dynamic casting, using Class.cast() was more expensive than simply using the (cast) operator. But apparently in Java, static vs dynamic casting don’t mean much difference. Let’s consider this code. And a class that implements my interface. Now I’ll create a situation that requires … Read more