Game programming

html5 game tutorial

This HTML5 game tutorial is based on programming techniques I learned while making the game in the picture above. It was a mobile game made with LibGDX targeting primarily Android devices. But since then I lost both the source code and the APK. Fortunately I remembered most of the concepts and wrote this series based on HTML5 Canvas. I chose this because it doesn’t require dependencies or a device (like LibGDX). All you need is a browser.

Why this tutorial?

Because both HTML5 Canvas and LibGDX don’t have any physics library or game engine functionality at all. You have to code everything yourself. Thus, possibilities are endless and you are no longer contained to what a game engine allows you to do.

HTML5 Game Tutorial

1. Drawing tiles
2. Drawing the player
3. Animating the HTML5 Canvas
4. Moving the player
5. More on moving the player
6. Using a separate Canvas for the background
7. Collision detection
8. Moving between scenes
9. Adding game gravity
10. Programming game ladders
11. Coding enemies
12. Shooting projectiles