React Native Conditional Rendering

I will show you how I do conditional rendering in React Native. Create a new react native project if you don’t have one already. If so, you can use that because this example doesn’t require extra dependencies or settings. react-native init conditional Let’s create a common view in Android applications, the drawer toolbar UI pattern. … Read more

React Native – ToolbarAndroid Drawer Navigation

I will explain my method for using ToolbarAndroid (actually i’m using the wrapper from react-native-vector-icons) to navigate to different screens. I will explain ToolbarAndroid drawer navigation using React Navigator’s stack navigator. ToolbarAndroid Drawer Navigation with Stack Navigator Create a new React Native project using this command: Create a new folder inside named src. We will … Read more

Icon.ToolbarAndroid Example – React Native

Note this tutorial is not for projects created with Expo Framework. At the time of the writing of this article there are some problems with react-native-vector-icons and latest expo version. Learn how to create a React Native application without expo here. If you are interested in a toolbar using an Expo Project see this Creating … Read more

React Native UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Cannot find module […]\init.js

This happens when you try to use create-react-native-app command to create a new React Native project. I think this is caused by using an outdated version of create-react-native-app module. I was using 1.0.0, whilst one week before the writing of this article version 2.x.x was released. Updating create-react-native-app You can either use the regular update … Read more