Cancel @Async Thread in Spring Boot

Before going to the cancel async example, please quickly check these two short articles because it might give you a better overview of what I’m saying. Stop thread execution Control thread using exceptions Premise: You have a Spring Boot app that needs to execute a long running task. You don’t want to have the user … Read more

Java Cache Service using Spring

We’ll now create a simple yet effective Java cache service using Spring Boot. A cache service is useful to leverage load on the database, especially if multiple users are querying for information and specifically if that information doesn’t change quite as often. When a cache service is suitable? In any situations where you need to … Read more

WebLogic JMS Queue Using Spring Framework

This example shows how to create a Spring JMS queue in WebLogic. We will create a web app (servlet) and integrate a WebLogic JMS queue in it. Steps Configure a JMS queue in Oracle WebLogic. Create a Spring Framework web app. Code queue logic using org.springframework.jms.* package. Configuring the WebLogic JMS queue Start your WebLogic … Read more